A Bit Overrated
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26. Japanese Studies Major. Chicago.Sherlockian. Supernaturalist. Likes: food, cats, anime, Japanese & Korean Dramas, Disney, fashion, and cute stuff in no particular order.

Since we can share and I’m back on Tumblr.

45. Let’s see your team displayed like the “Brady Bunch” opening credits except there are 3 rows of 5 pictures (versus the 3X3 we know from the “Brady Bunch” opening credits points). The submission must be 1 image with the 15 frames in it. Each of you must be wearing 70s attire and must look VERY emotionally unbalanced.

(My pic for this item. I think I captured emotionally unbalanced perfectly)

69. You and a friend must take at least 50 of your stuffed animals/dolls on a field trip to a grocery store. All of the stuffed animals/dolls must EITHER be attached to your clothing or in a grocery cart or both.

(Me and Lace at Target downtown)

70.Recreate the snake’s seduction of Eve at a bus stop. Fig leaf, apple, snake, etc.

(Outside the Fullerton Train stop; it was way too cold not to wear anything underneath the fig leaf bra)

77. If your team could give the entire world one piece of advice, what would it be? Have one a team member hold a sign bearing the statement over their head in front of an internationally recognizable landmark.

(Outside Willis Tower aka Sears Tower, previously the tallest building in the world)

ellava replied to your post: ellava replied to your photoset Smexy!  


Since you obvisouly don’t know what smexy is, let me show you.

This Lacey, is true smexiness; smexiness at it’s finest.


You mean this?

I was going for a retro look.